About Us

Handmad art & design is an idealistic and unconventional clothing brand based in Bali since January 2011. Reflecting our love for art in outline with exclamation points. Then devoted ourselves to paper and pencil.

Based on the identity research from the power of skulls and the deepening of cultural Balinese heritage. A black panther, who was born in meteor trajectory. Handmad is dangerous brand that will live on thousand years and now, once again being released on everyday society to describe the world objectively. It was hatched by a cold-handed young creator who later found his love for art besides drawing, namely music, bmx and absolutely motorcycles. Our first love has always been and will always be scratch on papers. Always try to give back to our roots through the products and opportunities, provide through the community. Remain very involved in activities, maintain respect for the community. Continue to support our friends, who help us encourage and inspire us to this day. Our goal of establishing Handmad art and design is to raise awareness then create discussion topics through our designs and boldly express our ideas to generation stick holders. And the last but not least is Thank God For Good Karma.